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Elira OsmaniPosted on 9:04 pm - Sep 29, 2018

Dear Celia.Li,

I’ve met one of your Directors (Celia.Li) at the last fair held in Munich. Our discussion about your product left us wondering if it is possible to become our new supplier. We are interested in your product range and we would like to receive more information regarding the catalogue “HIHIOART”.

Satchel Paper Bag
S/N : 5201000014
Dimensions : 160*25*235mm

Satchel Paper Bag with Film
S/N : 5201000009
Dimensions : 210*45*350*mm

Eco-Friendly Carrier Bag
S/N : 5203000005
Dimensions : 280*150*300mm

I need shipping information, prices, packaging, a phone number to contact, and details on payment.

Kind Regards,
Elira Osmani (Operational Assistant)

Kardaris AggelosPosted on 12:06 am - Oct 2, 2018

we meet you in IBA in Munich.
We are interested for the triangle cake board with the code

S/N :5301 0000 33
Dimentions: 78 * 118

Can we order this product in black colour ?

I need shipping information, prices, packaging, a phone number to contact, and details on payment.

FrancoPosted on 3:21 am - Oct 4, 2018

Buongiorno. Vorrei acquistare i vostri prodotti di carta avana 45grammi con misure 17+10+10*44

Jordi MunnerPosted on 3:12 pm - Oct 11, 2018

Hi Elira,
My name is Jordi Munner and I have a trading company in Hong Kong. One of my customers is a supermarket chain in Spain. They are looking to chang plastic bag for paper bag.
if you interested please contact me and I will send details for quotation.
best regards,
Jordi Munner
Qiudi Apparel Co Ltd

GIUSEPPE AMATOPosted on 1:54 am - Oct 13, 2018

Ho incontrato uno dei tuoi direttori (Celia.Li) all’ultima fiera tenutasi a Monaco. La nostra discussione sul tuo prodotto ci ha lasciato chiedendo se è possibile diventare il nostro nuovo fornitore. Siamo interessati alla tua gamma di prodotti e vorremmo ricevere maggiori informazioni sul catalogo “HIHIOART”.

Sacchetto di carta Satchel
S / N: 5201000014
Dimensioni: 160 * 25 * 235mm

Satchel Sacchetto di carta con pellicola
S / N: 5201000009
Dimensioni: 210 * 45 * 350 * mm

portaoggetti eco- compatibile: 5203000005
Dimensioni: 280 * 150 * 300mm

Ho bisogno di informazioni sulla spedizione, prezzi, imballaggio, un numero di telefono da contattare e dettagli sul pagamento.

Cordiali saluti,


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